Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fathers' Day and end of another school year

     Fathers' day was celebrated with yet another brunch, this time at the Pudong Shangri-La near the Bund.  This was one of the more expensive brunches we have gone to.  The Shangri-La has many of the same food stations as the other hotels, but as expected, it was all just a little nicer.  The champagne was better, the desserts were more elaborate, etc.  The Indian food station had a real tandoori oven roasting hairy crabs.  The sushi was high quality, and the oysters served raw or baked.  The Shangri-La is definitely one of the top brunches in Shanghai.

 The cookie display was a model of the Great Wall of China with 
cookie lambs on the wall - how appropriate!

Baked Alaska on dry ice
Cold Chinese dishes
tandoori oven
oysters with mignonette

 Emily & Katie finished school on the 19th of June.  The last week was filled with fun and parties, but also lots of goodbyes.  Most of their friends were heading back home for the summer, and a few friends were moving away permanently - some back to their home countries, others to another relocation.  Both girls handled it really well, but still a little sad.  They know that is just part of life here.

Emily & her friends
Congratulations Emily!

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