Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Things I saw in Shanghai this week

     This is actually a new thing here in Shanghai.  Gold London-style taxis.  They charge more, but they are clean and very eye-catching.  Anything gold is very popular here.  Gold iPhones, gold wedding dresses, gold jewelry, gold rice cookers - and now gold taxis.

$634.00 rice cooker
It's not unusual to see people sleeping everywhere.  Children, adults, everyone.  Just taking a little nap usually after lunch.  I guess I'll just put my head down for a minute…zzzz…

     One of Chris' coworkers gave this to him after Chinese New Year.  It is very common for people to give a sample of food from their hometown as a gift when they return.  The girls could not watch as we opened the packet,  they kept thinking of Marvel our bunny friend.

Rabbit head with chili
I'm not sure why these are a thing.  Each package is the size of a pack of hand wipes, so it's not the Chinese version of depends.  Maybe to wear while your other panties are in the wash?  Hmmm..

 Sure I believe you Pollution Free Rice,….sure….

Bad behavior hall of shame.  No problem son, you can ride your scooter inside Starbucks.  Go ahead and do countless laps on the hardwood floor.  No one minds.

 Really taxi driver, go ahead and pull over and pee.  Thanks for going behind the shrubs and not just on the wall in front of school.  Appreciate it.

 I totally don't mind you lady clipping your finger nails as you sit next to me on the Subway.  Please do continue to flick them off your hand bag in my direction.  Why would I think that was disgusting.