Friday, July 11, 2014

Marvel the bunny

Marvel is Katie's 3rd grade class pet.  Katie's teacher, Ms. Chase is returning to the US this summer for a visit, and we have volunteered to baby-sit,…er..bunny-sit Marvel.  We picked him up on the last day of school, and he has a comfy spot in Emily & Katie's room.
     Marvel's story is that this last Easter, Ms. Chase was at an event that had a petting area with the baby rabbits.  Marvel was being poorly treated by some of the kids - ear pulling, squeezing, etc.  So Ms. Chase asked if she could adopt Marvel.
     Marvel is really cute and very, very curious!  He loves jumping and playing behind the curtains.  He likes to sit on the window sill and look out, and likes to play with anything plastic.  We all take turns feeding him blueberries (he loves!) and playing with him.
     I don't know what's going on with Buddy.  He is really wanting to smell all Marvel's stuff and dig his nose into the wood chips in the litter box.  Marvel just glares at Buddy, and Buddy whines and whimpers.  He'll watch while I feed Marvel lettuce through the open cage door.  Then he'll woof pathetically.  So we keep them separated most of the time.


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