Monday, May 26, 2014

The Bund, Peace Hotel & Tock's

The Bund was the first international and financial area in Shanghai.  It is on the West bank of the Huangpu River, and was the center of European trade.  There are beautiful historic buildings, as well as five star hotels & restaurants in this area.
     We had breakfast at the historic Peace Hotel.  The art deco hotel was built in the 30's, and is now owned by Fairmont.  It's really beautifully maintained and looks more like a museum than a hotel.  The murals in the lobby are of The Bund in the 40's.  They take up entire walls, and are made of hand-etched silver.  One scene shows rows of parked cars alongside men driving rickshaws - really beautiful and detailed.
      Chris had a drink in the famous Jazz Bar once with a musician friend from back home.  The Jazz Bar at the Peace Hotel was a gathering spot for writers, artists and musicians in the 40's and 50's.  They would talk, drink and smoke opium back then.  The musicians that play now have been there for such a long time, they are something of an institution.  Chris and his friend sat-in with the band that night, what a great experience!

On the Bund  
with Chairman Mao

Peace Hotel

For lunch, we walked over to Tock's Montreal Deli.  We had been meaning to come here for a long time.  The menu is very traditional deli, with homemade cole slaw, pickles and fantastic french fries.  We shared a platter of pastrami and sliced rye bread.  Chris also had an order of poutine - fries with gravy and cheese.  I really missed having great pastrami sandwiches, but now I can go to Tock's and get my fix!!

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