Sunday, July 27, 2014

Afternoon in Tianzifang

Tianzifang is an area of Shanghai that was previously an artists' colony.  Now Tianzifang is a maze of alleyways and narrow pedestrian walkways full of tiny shops, galleries and restaurants.  The buildings all have brick and stone doorways in the Shikumen style which is the signature architecture here in Tianzifang.  We went on a Saturday afternoon, and it was hot and crowded.  Lots of tourists, but also many young Chinese.  We did have a really great lunch at New York Style Steak & Burger.  It's interesting in Shanghai you can find little restaurants tucked away in corners that make really decent International food.

so crowded
We found New York Style Steak & Burger at the end of a narrow, winding alley.  
If you asked me to find it again, there would be no way.  

spicy shoestring fries - yummy
We went to the Teddy Bear Museum in Tianzifang.  The space was packed with antique stuffed bears in glass cases and newer bears to purchase.  Lots of young women and families.  They also have a restaurant upstairs, you can sit with your bears and have a beverage.  Really.

This shop had a line in the front.  They sell drinks in IV sacks.  Twilight?  I don't get this…
Fruity drinks in IV drip sacks

Why is this is a thing?
None of these make me want to go there and buy.  Really,…really? 
Old Shanghai to protect skin to taste, huh?…

more than a toilet delicious & happy
Durianything…no thank you…
hand-wash sink outside at Teddy Bear Museum
stay classy… 
don't think i would work here

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