Monday, August 26, 2013

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I have been violated, humiliated and traumatized.  

While I was on vacation, I was attacked by Chinese ticks and fleas.  
     She who is called "mother" (whatever), was supposed to put the FrontLine Flea Protection drops on me before I went away to summer camp. I guess she was just too busy to taking care of her precious little peoples, and she forgot that I would be out on the grass, playing, etc. for almost a month.   I was bitten by bugs and turns out I'm allergic to Chinese bug bites!  This blows.  So I had to go to the vet, and y'know how I hate that.  I had shots and they took my temperature in the "you know where"-ugh!  They also had to give me a reverse mohawk and all my painful sores were on display...for shame! Bad Mommy!  Then they gave me a bath with special soap and put medicine on my back.  I was so upset during the whole thing.  I was thinking where is Katie?  Where is Emily?  I bet they are worried sick about me...crying their eyes out...... my poor sisters...

red, hot and ouch
 get me outta here
Whoa, way...they are next door at the pet shop!  Whatreyoudoing!!  You guys are playing with puppies and... I'm over here fighting for my life. ... I'm barely breathing.... I'm being abused and poked and shaved and abused and...

   And there's a KITTEN TOO...  oh no they didn't.... girls... stop petting it!  Don't you know cats are evil and sneaky and... too late.  grrr

 So ok, it's been a few weeks.  My back feels better, it doesn't itch any more.  The sores and scabs are all gone, and the hair is growing back.  But I don't have my proud coat any more.  It's drafty back there.      MomLucy feels bad (as she should), and she lets me lay on the bed with her now.  Guilt has it's privileges.

better but..
 I feel sorta nekkid

the patient is recovering

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Chinese-American wedding celebration

We were invited to a very special wedding last weekend.  Winny, who works with Chris, was marrying Brad, a young american businessman.  They hosted their event at the historic Waldorf Astoria on the Bund.  The theme of the wedding was East meets West.  They had an American singer perform as well as two female Chinese singers.  The hotel was old and beautiful.  We felt very privileged to be included.
In a taxi going to the wedding
 The hotel dates back to the 20's, and it underwent a renovation a while back.  But the hotel maintains it's original old English style.

 The reception dinner was very grand and delicious.  A traditional Chinese wedding banquet is multi-course, and very elaborate.  The tables were set with American red wine, and bottles of Chinese dark wine - as well as cigarettes and party favors.  Wow!

includes jellyfish and sea cucumber
tiger prawn
birds nest soup with bamboo
steamed grouper & abolone
lamb chop
fried rice with bbq pork
 bok choy & mushrooms

pastries and fruit
red bean & chestnut

Awkward mobile phone covers

 Decorating and personalizing your cel phone is very popular here.  Lots of people buy a basic cover, then they decorate it with jewels, stickers and charms.  I have even seen attachable plastic wings, robot arms, lips, etc, that clip onto phones.  The newest phone covers themselves are amazing, but a little...odd.

fish pastry phone cover
pig purse phone cover
whale purse phone cover
hot dog puppy phone cover
 Most NOT Politically correct phone covers:

afro? why?
hitler and KFC?

Fake Market

    There are several large "fake" markets in Shanghai, but the one I visit is in the Metro station under the Science & Technology Museum.  I think most fake markets are probably similar.  Many vendors have the same things: headphones, watches, lots of cel phone covers, silk scarves and purses, souvenirs, etc.  There is a fabric section if you want to have shirts, suits and dresses made.  There is also a jewelry section - I tend to go there the most.  I honestly don't know if the jade there is real or fake - but I buy what I think is pretty.  Sometimes I ask for a better price, especially if I buy more than one item at the same shop.  Some Expats like to go in and bargain hard - that is so not me.  I have heard of shopkeepers & customers that have gotten into fist-fights over some sales.  In the end, you are arguing over the difference of two or three dollars.  Not worth the aggravation.
     I try to take the girls with me, but they really don't like coming here.  It's hot, crowded and confusing.  But if I'm in the mood to shop and have the time to look around, it can be really worth it.  In the fall there are lots of fake UGGs, and decent coats for very cheap.  But "buyer beware" totally applies here.  If the Beats headphones stop working in a week - you're pretty much out of luck.

Anniversary dinner at Morton's

We had our 13th Anniversary dinner at Morton's at the IFC (international financial center).  We had a lovely view, and fantastic service.  The food was good, and very expensive.  It was a real treat to have a great steak.  But best of all, I was with my husband Christopher Lamb.