Monday, July 28, 2014

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Really Lambs?  You brought home a bunny?…..a bunny.   sigh.    grrrr.

So I'm thinking they brought this cage in, and that maybe they were getting someone for me.  Like a friend, companion, pal…or at least someone I could relate to.  Ya know an equal, a compadre, a bro?  But NOOOO.  This is the worst kind of insult.  

    He's a little white rabbit.  His name is Marvel (he is so not). He has these long pink ears, and this little poofy tail.  He doesn't say anything.  NOTHING.  I tried to reach out to him cuz I'm that kinda guy, er, dog.  Deep down I'm a peacemaker, a friend to all.  And I get no response.  Just a smug superior look.  He looks down at me from his penthouse up high and just wrinkles his nose.  Always with the wrinkled nose.  I just want to bite it! Dude, my ancestors ate you guys for lunch so put away your attitude.  

My girls have been brainwashed by him.  Emily & Katie feed him special food by hand, they even give him food from the big magic box in the kitchen.  Vegetables and fruit.  I never get food from the magic chill box - never!  MomLucy is the worst.  Everyday she puts a special box with wood chips in his cage, it looks fluffy and cozy.  He doesn't care, he even does his worst kinda business in there.  How can she not see how he really is.  He's getting all the love and attention that I used to get.  My daily quota of petting and loving has gone down drastically.  I think I am depressed.  I have nothing to get up for.  My days just run one into the other…..I have nothing….life means nothing….
bunnies r evil

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