Monday, June 29, 2015

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I have been keeping a low profile.  

The annual dog-eating festival is taking place in Yulin.  This time of year, my brothers and sisters are sometimes stolen from their homes and sold to illegal traders.  It's the worst time of year to be a dog in China.  I know that the meat is mixed with lychees(?) and lots of spices.  Then cooked into a hot pot stew.  Supposedly,  eating the meat gives people strength and stamina.  Truly barbaric.  
is it safe?

The Yulin area is an autonomous region in southwestern China.  Beijing does not make the local laws there.  Every year dogs are smuggled into Yulin from other parts of China including Shanghai.  Don't they know that dogs are "man's best friend"???
Dog food or food of dog?  hmmm…grr…
Speaking of barbaric, I thought only dogs were allowed to pee on the street?  I've seen so many humans pee on the street here, in the bushes, the lawns, against walls.  They can at least use a toilet.
for your convenience… 
     Katie, she who is the puppy Lamb, is talking about getting another dog!  She wants a little muffin-like dog/thing but I know how I can change her mind.  I will put on the sad face.  Not hard to do since I suffered a major injury last week.  Someone, you know who you are, closed the door on my tail.  My precious tail.  My regal, proud, fluffy, shwisshy, tail.  Now 'tis bent.  
     I went to the doctor and they tried examining me.  I wouldn't let them get near me no matter how much they tried.  I squirmed and twisted.  The last time they tried to take my temperature in the "you-know-where" and I wasn't about to let that happen.  So MomLucy let them give me a shot, she said it was a sedative.  All I know is it was AWEsome!  I started to dream of fields, and gravy, and unicorns, and pizza, and catching squirrels, and bacon.  Then I woke up and my tail had a bald spot.  Bastards.

Now I wear the cone of shame.  

Soon I will be leaving China.  I will be returning to my old home with my humans.  I hope my backyard still smells like me.  I want to chase birds, sleep on the forbidden couch, bark at the mailman,….good times. 

I hear I will be flying cargo.  Is that like business class?  I think so.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Only in Shanghai…a very random selection..

 I'm not sure what the Hooters girls are doing.  Maybe tai chi?  YMCA?  Hmmm…
Shanghai Hooters
 Emily & I went on a "Gangster Tour" of Shanghai.  We walked to many historical old buildings that were part of Shanghai's criminal past, most involving opium trade.  We also went to the shooting range and took an archery lesson and were able to shoot a rifle on an indoor range.  Really a fun day.

I thought this was really interesting.  These cigarette are from Singapore.  The package has a picture of a jailed man (with cigarette bars) and also a young child with a breathing mask on.  I'm sure this is to remind the smoker of the dangers of cigarettes.  But the name of the brand is "Long Life".  Totally mixed messages.

This is something we see all the time, and this is a mild example of loading styrofoam for recycling.

Ok, I was with my friend Yumi and we saw this sign in front of a small coffee bar.  A Russian girl was buying a drink and we asked her what she had.  She said she always has the coffee with salted cheese.  She spoke perfect Mandarin and English with a Russian accent!  So Yumi had one, but unfortunately it was not so good.  I thought it would be tangy like a yogurt drink, but it was really just salty.

One of the best things about Shanghai is Sherpa.  Sherpa is a restaurant food delivery service that you can order online.  You place your order and the food is at your home in 45 minutes or less.  No tipping and the prices are all the same as the restaurant.  There is a very small delivery fee if you order after 6:00pm.  I know they have versions of this back home, but Sherpa really is the best.  They will also bring you cocktails from the restaurant, and beer and wine.  Chris and I were walking through the old area in Puxi, and came across this Sherpa driver convention.  This must be where their main office is.  The drivers were all chatting, some were having their scooters repaired as well.  There were over a hundred bright orange Sherpa scooters.

Yes, even in Shanghai if I have a really expensive car I am allowed to park like a jerk.

A friend saw this while sitting in traffic.  A child held out the car window to pee.  Gross, but not at all shocking.  Ugh.

Shanghai snack time

Starbucks snack menu is much more reflective of the Chinese consumer.  Lots of items that lighter with cream filling.  Also flavored with green tea, red bean and sometimes chestnut.  

cherry blossom sugar cookies
scones with red bean and raisin
rainbow cake, green tea cheesecake
french chicken sandwich
Chocolate green tea cake, brown rice matcha roll

Oreos are a big deal here.  I think Asia is their biggest market.  They also have green tea flavor, and Oreos that are layered with chocolate wafers instead of cookies.
lemon cheesecake oreo
strawberry oreo
tiramisu oreo
These cupcakes are from a small bakery in the subway station.  Very cute, all covered with chocolate shavings to look like soil and frosted in cactus patterns.  Very very cute.  

Cinnaswirl is taste of home!  You can buy mini or regular size with different amounts of icing.  Loved by the Lamb girls for sure, and their parents too.

The portion size of soft drinks here is much smaller than back home.  No big gulps here.

60 calories, cane sugar and stevia
Even regular coke is in a 100 calorie size

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Things I saw in Shanghai this week

     This is actually a new thing here in Shanghai.  Gold London-style taxis.  They charge more, but they are clean and very eye-catching.  Anything gold is very popular here.  Gold iPhones, gold wedding dresses, gold jewelry, gold rice cookers - and now gold taxis.

$634.00 rice cooker
It's not unusual to see people sleeping everywhere.  Children, adults, everyone.  Just taking a little nap usually after lunch.  I guess I'll just put my head down for a minute…zzzz…

     One of Chris' coworkers gave this to him after Chinese New Year.  It is very common for people to give a sample of food from their hometown as a gift when they return.  The girls could not watch as we opened the packet,  they kept thinking of Marvel our bunny friend.

Rabbit head with chili
I'm not sure why these are a thing.  Each package is the size of a pack of hand wipes, so it's not the Chinese version of depends.  Maybe to wear while your other panties are in the wash?  Hmmm..

 Sure I believe you Pollution Free Rice,….sure….

Bad behavior hall of shame.  No problem son, you can ride your scooter inside Starbucks.  Go ahead and do countless laps on the hardwood floor.  No one minds.

 Really taxi driver, go ahead and pull over and pee.  Thanks for going behind the shrubs and not just on the wall in front of school.  Appreciate it.

 I totally don't mind you lady clipping your finger nails as you sit next to me on the Subway.  Please do continue to flick them off your hand bag in my direction.  Why would I think that was disgusting.