Friday, September 6, 2013

IKEA is different here....

    I have blogged before about IKEA and how in China, people really get comfortable in the showrooms.  This summer has been especially hot, and many people spend their entire day inside IKEA.  They take advantage of the air conditioning and the comfortable furniture.  I read recently that of the top five IKEA stores in the world, three are in China.  Since there is really not much that can be done, IKEA allows people to hang-out in the stores hoping they will like the furniture so much, they will purchase it.  It seems to be working.  

girls having a blast jumping on the bed
shhh...the baby's sleeping
impromptu day care center
 The IKEA cafeteria is very impressive.  I don't remember it being this nice back home and having this much variety.  I remember back home the food being limited to meatballs and maybe hot dogs.  The cafeteria is really busy here, but also very clean and organized.  It opens early before the store, and people can come in to buy coffee and pastries.  For lunch there are chilled salads, juices and smoked salmon.  And hot entrees include steak, spaghetti and crayfish as well as the IKEA meatballs.  The food was fresh and decent.  Not gourmet, but definitely a step above what they have back home.
cafeteria dining room
kiwi, papaya & mango smoothies
swedish crayfish
hot & sour soup
tofu & vegetable plate
these wings were really tasty

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