Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Riding in Shanghai

    Chris rides his bike everyday to the Kerry Center, 10 minutes from our house.  He parks in the underground bike lot.  An attendant gives him a token, and when he is ready to go home he gives his token and takes his bike out.  The bikes down there are generally poor, run-down and fairly crappy.  I was always struck with just how bad the bikes were that most people rode in Shanghai.  I thought they were rusty and rickety because of the weather conditions.  But I have since been told that any decent bike gets stolen so easily (no matter how many locks may be on it), that it doesn't pay to have a "nice" bike.  The underground lot is vast and packed.  Bikes, scooters and motorcycles are jammed in.  It is crazy when people are all trying to leave at the same time.


Chris goes on recreational rides on the weekends, and sees some strange things.  Lots of open construction sites, manhole covers open (with exposed cables and wires) often flooded with water.
He sees vendors selling everything: DVDs, clothes, vegetables, toys and even live chickens from the back of a bike.

called bing - an egg and flour cake
fish monger
so filthy I thought it was a picture of a machine shop

gimme a beverage

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