Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Starbucks in China

Starbucks is very, very popular in China but a little different than in the States.   Many of the coffee beverages seem the same, but might taste a little different.  I think because the milk in China is different.  Even though the milk is imported and safe, the cream content is greater.  So 99% skim, fat-free milk tastes like low-fat milk back home.  Whole milk here tastes like half & half - really rich, like a buttermilk.
     The inside of Starbucks looks exactly like in the US.  And just like in the US, people camp out here all day to use the free Wi-Fi.

The food for sale in the pastry cases are very different.  They are appealing to the different Chinese palate.  Pastries with sweet read beans are popular all over Asia, as well as savory buns filled with BBQ pork.

scone with red bean
BBQ pork buns
But I don't think the sandwiches sound very appetizing.... just sayin'

Thai Shrimp & Squid Ink Panini
Beef Cheese Prawn Danish

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