Saturday, September 7, 2013

Babies, split pants and signs

     In China, most babies and toddlers do not wear diapers.  They are carried much of the time, and supposedly their parents have such close physical contact with them that they are able to pickup the baby's cues.  They can then rush the children to a bathroom (or flower bed, gutter or trash can), where the child can relieve his or herself.  Yes, there are lots and lots of instances they just don't quite make it on time.  I have seen babies and toddlers pee and poop on the floor of a department store, on a busy sidewalk, into a cup that was for sale at IKEA.  Lots of children wear "split" pants so they can go to the bathroom easily - I'm not sure how clean the pants are at the end of the day.  
     Modern Chinese mothers think wearing split pants is "country" and "old-fashioned", and having them on your child labels you as "lower class".  They prefer Western-style disposable diapers.  But in villages and rural areas, split pants or being diaper-free is common practice.  People don't have money for disposable diapers and cleaning cloth diapers seems even more unsanitary to them.  I applaud "Elimination Communication" training, and I understand the crazy land-fill problem China would have if everyone opted for disposable diapers.  But the random peeing and pooping on the streets and bushes by children (and adults!) just make walking down road smelly and disgusting.  
split pants for sale

accident waiting to happen
Here are some signs that I think are obvious, but I guess not-so-obvious here.  

People spit everywhere - inside, outside, taxis, stairs, etc.  Once, Emily and I were in a taxi, and the driver spit out his open window.  Unfortunately, our window was open too.  Gross.
someone just had to add their own touches
The "No Explosives" sign was not at the airport or train station - it was at the fake market.  I think this was more about fireworks or firecrackers than anything else.


 These are at the pool in our complex....

little inappropriate if you ask me....

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