Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fake Market

    There are several large "fake" markets in Shanghai, but the one I visit is in the Metro station under the Science & Technology Museum.  I think most fake markets are probably similar.  Many vendors have the same things: headphones, watches, lots of cel phone covers, silk scarves and purses, souvenirs, etc.  There is a fabric section if you want to have shirts, suits and dresses made.  There is also a jewelry section - I tend to go there the most.  I honestly don't know if the jade there is real or fake - but I buy what I think is pretty.  Sometimes I ask for a better price, especially if I buy more than one item at the same shop.  Some Expats like to go in and bargain hard - that is so not me.  I have heard of shopkeepers & customers that have gotten into fist-fights over some sales.  In the end, you are arguing over the difference of two or three dollars.  Not worth the aggravation.
     I try to take the girls with me, but they really don't like coming here.  It's hot, crowded and confusing.  But if I'm in the mood to shop and have the time to look around, it can be really worth it.  In the fall there are lots of fake UGGs, and decent coats for very cheap.  But "buyer beware" totally applies here.  If the Beats headphones stop working in a week - you're pretty much out of luck.

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