Sunday, August 25, 2013

Breakfast in Puxi

The girls and I have been wanting to try Mr. Pancake in Puxi.  It is on Changle Lu, a street that has been written about a lot, and been the focus of an NPR series about the changing face of China.  It is in Jing'an, an area that has ancient temples alongside modern luxury stores.  
     The food was actually pretty good, especially the crepe.  Pancake itself was excellent, but the "apple pie" topping was too sweet for me.  We had American-style bacon and eggs too, and they were outstanding.  
     But be prepared, they only take cash and I hear on the weekends there is a line out front.  And the bathroom is outside and in an alley.  sigh...

front of restaurant, Changle Lu

apple pie pancakes
crepes with banana and nutella

bathroom: 1st door on left
dishwash station: sink on right

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