Thursday, August 1, 2013

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 My Summer Vacation

I went to see my human-friend Tony at Buddydog Boarding.  We hung out, and he tried to teach me to heel.  Silly, silly Tony.  He does not realize that I am my own dog.  But all in all, it was pretty chill.  
      Some dogs are good - like they smell, but they don't s-m-e-l-l, y'know?  Other dogs...well.  They been in China too long - picking up some bad habits.

Tony and me - I'm on the right
yo bro
sniffin'.  bondin'.
that's right, walk behind me..

this dog was cool - we had the same interests

ugh - have some respect
My two girls Emily & Katie, promised they'd bring me back something from the US.  Wonder what they're working on....

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