Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Chinese-American wedding celebration

We were invited to a very special wedding last weekend.  Winny, who works with Chris, was marrying Brad, a young american businessman.  They hosted their event at the historic Waldorf Astoria on the Bund.  The theme of the wedding was East meets West.  They had an American singer perform as well as two female Chinese singers.  The hotel was old and beautiful.  We felt very privileged to be included.
In a taxi going to the wedding
 The hotel dates back to the 20's, and it underwent a renovation a while back.  But the hotel maintains it's original old English style.

 The reception dinner was very grand and delicious.  A traditional Chinese wedding banquet is multi-course, and very elaborate.  The tables were set with American red wine, and bottles of Chinese dark wine - as well as cigarettes and party favors.  Wow!

includes jellyfish and sea cucumber
tiger prawn
birds nest soup with bamboo
steamed grouper & abolone
lamb chop
fried rice with bbq pork
 bok choy & mushrooms

pastries and fruit
red bean & chestnut

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