Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More shopping….

There are so many varieties of instant noodle soups.  In this market, they were top-to-bottom, and both sides of the aisle.  There were ramens, sobas, udons, glass noodles, Thai-style, Korean-style, any kind you can imagine.

 There is a huge section of bulk tea and tea flower bins.  Each item supposedly has a different medicinal benefit, or effect.  For example, roses and chrysanthemums are supposed to be calming and reduce bloating.  I should try that.
dried rose buds
dried lemon
dried daisies
 These dried squids were hanging by hooks.  I'm not sure what they are used for - if they are torn into strips and eaten like beef jerky, or if they are used to make stocks.  But I thought they were very dramatic looking.

These guys were HUGE, like a cantaloupe
Spicy Bullfrog

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