Thursday, May 9, 2013

Emily & Katie

A few weeks ago, Katie had an assignment in class to learn about an American woman she admired.  She chose Michelle Obama (that's my girl - so proud).  She wrote a report about Mrs. Obama, and included her "Get Fit" program, as well as the garden in the White House.  She included a dumbbell and flower in her picture.

 The girls are taking a beading class after school once a week.  Last week they made earrings.  Since they do not have pierced ears, they are both clip-ons.  Emily might get her ears pierced this summer while we are back home.

The girls are doing great, and are very busy.  School is out on June 15th.  Today, Katie is on a field trip to a Chinese village.  Emily had a field trip yesterday to the Shanghai museum to see an Andy Warhol exhibit.

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