Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Food v Diet

There are so many varieties of vegetables in China, many things not available in our markets back home.  So many types of greens, mushrooms, etc.  Much of the local diet consists of simply pan-fried or boiled vegetables and roots.
Clover, Baby Romaine leaves
Red & Green Amaranth
Soy Bean Sprouts
Chinese Kale
The food choices people make here are actually very healthy.  The locals eat a diet of primarily vegetables, noodles, rice and a small amount of protein.  Mostly pork, chicken and eggs.  And lots and lots of fruit.  The Chinese people I see are normal to thin, very rarely do you see anyone who is heavy.

All that said, even if they make healthy choices, the food itself is not always safe.  There is no regulation on the pesticides that are used on farms, and little oversight or inspection of restaurants or markets.  I buy some local grown fruit and vegetables, and wash, wash, wash it.

In the expat areas, markets that cater to foreigners typically label the origin of items, i.e. New Zealand Lamb, Australian Beef and Alaskan Salmon.  These markets carry mostly imported items, but are also the most expensive.  The prices put these stores out of the reach of most locals, but they are also the only stores where I buy meat and poultry.
   Today I bought (1) pound of beef stew meat, and (3) chicken thighs with drumsticks.  It all cost me 138rmb, which is $22.23.  It's a little more than going to Whole Foods.

sausages, dried baby shrimp, salted pig leg
rice with adzuki beans, lentils and barley

tonight's dinner

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