Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Going for walks is the highlight of my day.  Lately, we've been going a new way.  We walk along the river near our house, and there is less car exhaust.  Mom says pollution is bad for everyone, including dogs.  duh.  Down low where I am, it smells pretty bad.  I have a heightened sense of smell.

So I've been sampling some new treats lately.  They're, uh, …interesting.  Some from Germany and some from Japan.  The dogs they choose to put on the packages are weak at best.  C'mon, is this the best y'got?!
     Lucy won't buy dog food or dog treats from China.  She says some Chinese companies put ground-up sick animals in the dog food.  Eeewww.

He's ok, but too needy looking
Sushi, really?
This dog looks like he's been dumpster diving-
are those eye-brows? 
 little dried fish treats
The dog looks little too yappy for me

 So she gets this new toy that looks cool, haven't had a new rope toy in a while.  But wait, she sprays this stuff on it to make my breath,…wait…what exactly are you insinuating?  My breath is as fresh as any other dog's.  Maybe I just won't play with it then.  Maybe I'll just leave it in the corner, and ignore it.  That would show her.
So what're you saying? huh?
I don't have the freshest breath or what?

num, num, num
a dogs gotta learn to pick his battles

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