Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vacation in the Philippines Part 1

     Boracay Island is one of the thousands of small islands in the Philippines.  We left Shanghai on Friday morning, and checked-in at the Shangri-La on Friday night.  It was a long trip - we took a taxi, train(Maglev), bus, (2) planes, van and speedboat to finally arrive at the dock at the Shangri-La Hotel.  But the minute we arrived at Kalibo airport from Manila, the Shangri-La had people there to take care of us.  The hotel staff was so incredibly kind and warm, that any extra we paid to stay there was well worth it.  Several people we know who had come to Boracay before all said that it was the "most beautiful beach in the world", and everyone said that we would love it. They were all right.
     The town of Boracay beach is very crowded, lots of small hotels line the sand, and tons of shops and food stands.  Lots to see.  
     The tourists were from all over.  Many visitors were Koreans, Russians and Australians.  And lots of expats like us from America and Europe, all living and working in China and Hong Kong.  We even met several families that go to the same school as the girls.

me & E

feeding the fish
feeding the fish

What?…it's non alcoholic
Sweet Katie
Not-so-sweet Katie
enjoying the sunset

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