Friday, April 26, 2013

Things I saw in Shanghai this week…

 Ok - so I've written many times about the air quality in Shanghai.  And yes, many people wear face masks because of the smog.  But I thought it was odd that the only pictures on the packages are of non-Chinese people.  I bet they're smiling under those masks too.

 This week the Shanghai Auto Show is taking place at the Expo Center.  This is just down the street from us, and is the biggest show of the year.  For weeks the street has been very, very congested - first with stage and set deliveries, then car deliveries, and now with people attending.  The luxury car market in China is the largest in the world.
 These are baby eels that were for sale in front of a local wet market.  While I was taking this picture, they were trying to flip themselves out of the cooler.  Very slippery devils.

 New flavors of potato chips seen recently.  American companies are trying hard to break into the snack market here, but the Asian palate is very different. So in the end, I think they just taste strange.

spicy seafood hot pot

Texas BBQ
Italian Red Meat?

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