Friday, April 26, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Yesterday, I attended the SCIS Earth Day assembly.  
best tree in the 2nd grade
The 2nd grade performed a play about a girl who is taught to care for the Earth by the Lorax.  The students all played different elements of nature.  Some were the air (they wore white), some were the ocean (they wore blue) and some were the trees (they wore green).  Katie was a tree who gets chopped down - trés dramatique. 

very fashionable
The 5th grade presented the Annual Recycled Fashion Show.  The show was great.  All the 5th graders picked teams and worked really hard for weeks on their fashions.  The "clothes" they made reflected who they were.  Some kids made costumes: cheerleaders, robots, acrobats.  Some made accessories: hats, purses, jewelry, goggles.  But all the outfits were made using cast-off items: old ties, DVDs, trash bags, paper cups, egg cartons, magazines, etc.  They all walked the runway with their teams and strutted to loud music, just like real models.  At the end, all the 5th graders jumped on the stage for a final dance and applause.  Very, very fun.

(Emily can be seen at the end of the video in her goggles)

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