Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shanghai snack time

Starbucks snack menu is much more reflective of the Chinese consumer.  Lots of items that lighter with cream filling.  Also flavored with green tea, red bean and sometimes chestnut.  

cherry blossom sugar cookies
scones with red bean and raisin
rainbow cake, green tea cheesecake
french chicken sandwich
Chocolate green tea cake, brown rice matcha roll

Oreos are a big deal here.  I think Asia is their biggest market.  They also have green tea flavor, and Oreos that are layered with chocolate wafers instead of cookies.
lemon cheesecake oreo
strawberry oreo
tiramisu oreo
These cupcakes are from a small bakery in the subway station.  Very cute, all covered with chocolate shavings to look like soil and frosted in cactus patterns.  Very very cute.  

Cinnaswirl is taste of home!  You can buy mini or regular size with different amounts of icing.  Loved by the Lamb girls for sure, and their parents too.

The portion size of soft drinks here is much smaller than back home.  No big gulps here.

60 calories, cane sugar and stevia
Even regular coke is in a 100 calorie size

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