Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Only in Shanghai…a very random selection..

 I'm not sure what the Hooters girls are doing.  Maybe tai chi?  YMCA?  Hmmm…
Shanghai Hooters
 Emily & I went on a "Gangster Tour" of Shanghai.  We walked to many historical old buildings that were part of Shanghai's criminal past, most involving opium trade.  We also went to the shooting range and took an archery lesson and were able to shoot a rifle on an indoor range.  Really a fun day.

I thought this was really interesting.  These cigarette are from Singapore.  The package has a picture of a jailed man (with cigarette bars) and also a young child with a breathing mask on.  I'm sure this is to remind the smoker of the dangers of cigarettes.  But the name of the brand is "Long Life".  Totally mixed messages.

This is something we see all the time, and this is a mild example of loading styrofoam for recycling.

Ok, I was with my friend Yumi and we saw this sign in front of a small coffee bar.  A Russian girl was buying a drink and we asked her what she had.  She said she always has the coffee with salted cheese.  She spoke perfect Mandarin and English with a Russian accent!  So Yumi had one, but unfortunately it was not so good.  I thought it would be tangy like a yogurt drink, but it was really just salty.

One of the best things about Shanghai is Sherpa.  Sherpa is a restaurant food delivery service that you can order online.  You place your order and the food is at your home in 45 minutes or less.  No tipping and the prices are all the same as the restaurant.  There is a very small delivery fee if you order after 6:00pm.  I know they have versions of this back home, but Sherpa really is the best.  They will also bring you cocktails from the restaurant, and beer and wine.  Chris and I were walking through the old area in Puxi, and came across this Sherpa driver convention.  This must be where their main office is.  The drivers were all chatting, some were having their scooters repaired as well.  There were over a hundred bright orange Sherpa scooters.

Yes, even in Shanghai if I have a really expensive car I am allowed to park like a jerk.

A friend saw this while sitting in traffic.  A child held out the car window to pee.  Gross, but not at all shocking.  Ugh.

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