Monday, June 29, 2015

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I have been keeping a low profile.  

The annual dog-eating festival is taking place in Yulin.  This time of year, my brothers and sisters are sometimes stolen from their homes and sold to illegal traders.  It's the worst time of year to be a dog in China.  I know that the meat is mixed with lychees(?) and lots of spices.  Then cooked into a hot pot stew.  Supposedly,  eating the meat gives people strength and stamina.  Truly barbaric.  
is it safe?

The Yulin area is an autonomous region in southwestern China.  Beijing does not make the local laws there.  Every year dogs are smuggled into Yulin from other parts of China including Shanghai.  Don't they know that dogs are "man's best friend"???
Dog food or food of dog?  hmmm…grr…
Speaking of barbaric, I thought only dogs were allowed to pee on the street?  I've seen so many humans pee on the street here, in the bushes, the lawns, against walls.  They can at least use a toilet.
for your convenience… 
     Katie, she who is the puppy Lamb, is talking about getting another dog!  She wants a little muffin-like dog/thing but I know how I can change her mind.  I will put on the sad face.  Not hard to do since I suffered a major injury last week.  Someone, you know who you are, closed the door on my tail.  My precious tail.  My regal, proud, fluffy, shwisshy, tail.  Now 'tis bent.  
     I went to the doctor and they tried examining me.  I wouldn't let them get near me no matter how much they tried.  I squirmed and twisted.  The last time they tried to take my temperature in the "you-know-where" and I wasn't about to let that happen.  So MomLucy let them give me a shot, she said it was a sedative.  All I know is it was AWEsome!  I started to dream of fields, and gravy, and unicorns, and pizza, and catching squirrels, and bacon.  Then I woke up and my tail had a bald spot.  Bastards.

Now I wear the cone of shame.  

Soon I will be leaving China.  I will be returning to my old home with my humans.  I hope my backyard still smells like me.  I want to chase birds, sleep on the forbidden couch, bark at the mailman,….good times. 

I hear I will be flying cargo.  Is that like business class?  I think so.  

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