Monday, May 26, 2014

Old Navy!

Yes, there is now an Old Navy in Shanghai!  I think it may be the first in China.  It's on Nanxing Lu, next to Jing'an Temple.  Three floors, and the interior looks exactly like Old Navy back home.  I felt like I was in Pasadena the minute I stepped inside.
   Now if they would only open a Target and Trader Joe's, I would be all set….!

Later we walked down the street to the Jing'an Kerry center.  Not as crowded as the Kerry center in Pudong by our home, but with more upscale, designer stores.  We had lunch at Ippudo Hakata ramen. Really delicious, reminded us of Japan.  Then we stopped at the Candy Lab.  Handmade candy shop chain in lots of nice malls.  All the candy is in small plastic test tubes.  Odd, but cute.

Wall at Ippudo
Yum - potato salad
oishii ramen yo

cutting candy
test tubes full

how many can I have?
Candy Lab

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