Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's been busy....

I have not had a chance to write a post in a long, long time.  So here's an update:

Katie celebrated her 9th birthday with a sleepover.  We took her and friends to the mall to Tom's World arcade (lots of fun, lots of tokens spent!), then a taco dinner at Pistolera.  The girls had cake (made by Emily) back at our place before they settled in for the night.  Katie has such sweet friends from all over the world - Singapore, Korea, Italy and the US.  All such nice girls to have over.

Emily is rockin' her new braces and is in the ensemble of the school musical.  She's getting a chance to dance again, and all the songs they are learning are all Elvis classics.  Really proud of her - she had to try out for the show the day after she had her braces put on.  She sang in front of the choir teacher, and could barely open her mouth it was so sore.  But she did it, that's my girl!

Halloween here was better than last year.  Seems like more and more western decorations were in the local stores, and of course the kids' school goes all out.  Katie's 3rd grade class sold popcorn at the Halloween carnival, and Emily went to her first school dance.  No dates, just all the kids having fun on a Friday night.

We had a really lovely Thanksgiving dinner at our friends' the Josts.  Fantastic turkey and all the trimmings, even better than I could make back home.  We all appreciated the "taste of home", and helped us miss our friends and family a little less.

 Other things keeping us busy....
Bingo night at SCIS
Katie & ukelele

Katie & recorder

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