Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Princess Mishelle

      I have posted about Princess Michelle before.  She lives on our street, and she has two cars: 
a BMW and a convertible Mini Cooper.  They are both painted pink with a racing stripe on the side that says "Princess Michelle" and hearts.

I have seen her.  She is twenty-something, rides in her car and talks on her phone with the top down and a cute dog in the front seat on a special seatbelt.  She has stuffed animals in her car.  I believe she only lives here part time but has an ayi that lives in the house and walks the dogs.
     The other day it was her birthday.  The flower arrangements in the pots are beautiful peonies and hydrangeas in pink.  The flowers in the trees are plastic.  Low plastic white fence is a nice touch.  Hello Kitty balloons as well.  We had to stop by and check it out.  Did I mention she was in her twenties?

When I described her to my Mandarin class, I was told that she could be any of the following:

Fuerdai = Rich 2nd generation, maybe the children of Tuhao (Tuhao is a slang term for someone who is rich, but classless, or vulgar - identified by their gold jewelry, gold iPhone, and bad table manners)

Guanerdai = Government 2nd generation, maybe the child of highly placed official (identified by the use of "Wo ba shi ______ " or "My father is ________ " - this has become a Chinese internet joke)

XiaoSan = Mistress (literally meaning "little 3rd person" - after First wife and only child)

So Princess Mishelle either has a rich Daddy or a rich "Daddy".

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