Friday, October 11, 2013

Trip to Osaka - part III (things I saw)

Ok, I saw some things in Japan that I haven't seen in China, or the US for that matter.  I took a walk one morning early, and a group of young businessmen in dark gray suits and ties were cleaning the front of the building where they work.  They cleaned the windows with towels and spray, the sidewalk with a hose and a mop, even had a wire brush and cleaned the gum off the concrete.   They worked quickly and quietly.  Impressive.

Lots of awesome signs....
I am flashing...

Some things are just too odd or quirky to ignore.

option at Starbucks
doggy halloween costume or....
Mobile phone covers are awesome all over Asia.

yakisoba phone cover
electrical switch phone cover
toast w reverse times table phone cover
kitchen sponge or.... cover?

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