Friday, October 11, 2013

Trip to Osaka - part II (eating & shopping)

We ate lots of great food in Osaka.  So many tiny restaurants tucked into side streets, maybe only making one or two items.  We had udon, tempura, kushiyaki, and some fun street food.  We went to a  kushi-katsu bar one day - we loved it!  Skewers of fried food with dipping sauce.

E & Me

making takoyaki
little too fishy 

eggs, spam &  pancake breakfast!
pancake w whip cream & strawberries

1st: order udon
2nd: choose tempura

too cute
kushi katsu
tonkatsu and poached eggs
katsu don
beautiful chocolate

kushi yaki meats
C & K

We checked out lots of shopping while in Osaka.  We passed a store that only sold hand-made miso, 
all different kinds.  Really impressive how beautifully things were displayed.

We also went to the restaurant supply area.  Shops were amazing,  some dedicated to selling one item, i.e knife store, basket store, etc.  Surprised to see all these beautifully made knives laid out, nothing behind glass.  Some of the etching on the steel was very impressive.  I don't think they could be sold so openly in the US.

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