Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eating baked goods...

There are lots and lots of really good bakeries here in Shanghai.  They are French-Japanese style, and have great croissants and red-bean mochi.  They all all similar that they have pastries displayed in clear plastic cases, and all self-serve.  Customers take a small plastic tray, line it with pre-cuts wax paper sheets.  Then take clean plastic tongs, and put the items you want on the tray.  When you've made your selection, you take the tray to the counter and your order is rung-up and bagged.
I walked over to Thumb Plaza (shopping center, outside mall), and also checked-out Layas Plaza (luxury mall) across the street.  Between these two shopping areas, there were (5) bakeries, all the same style - mostly interchangeable.

This was the best one ever - Japanese sweet beans, and melted mochi inside a toasted sesame roll, served warm out of the oven.  Lots of cute cakes and pastries too.

Pizza rolls, raisin rolls and pumpkin seed
WS Cake & Coffee
These were mostly French pastries, except they had Floss rolls.  They are covered by what looks like flaky, cotton candy.  It's actually dried meat, like a very dry jerky, that has been finely shaved.  They have them at all the pastry shops and even sell containers of floss to take home.

Q&T Cafe
Very Japanese-style.  Lots of creme filled pastries and custard cakes.  Best Cafe Au Lait I've had since arriving.  

Ichido Cafe
These are all over Shanghai, Japanese pastry shops.  They have one back home in Little Tokyo too.

Paris Baguette
These shops are also all over Shanghai, and I think there is a Paris Baguette in Monterey Park or Alhambra as well.  This was the biggest shop by far, and they also make sandwiches for lunch.  
lots of bread rolls with hot dogs in them

curry donut

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