Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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I'm still here...
Trying to figure out this China place.  Everything here is loud.  Streets are loud, machines are loud and the people are loud.  don't get me started on the taxis.  The other night there were bombs going off in the sky - I was told by the poodle princess next door that they were "fireworks" and they were invented in China.  Whatevah miss know-it-all.  She also said that China is the birthplace of all dogs.  I'm cool with that.

Had my first bath in Shanghai yesterday at Mignon Dog Boutique.  It was more than alright, I came outta there fresh as a pee-d on daisy.  They even used the furminator on me, and my hair is super soft.  I know I look good cuz when I walk down the street people stare.  Sometimes they can't stand it and have to step away from me like they're scared.  Seems like most of the dogs I see are all small, yippy-yappy dogs.  She who is called MOM says that "it is very trendy in Shanghai to have a small, precious lap dog" and "some people are afraid of big dogs".  Talk about a miss know-it-all.

R U kidding me?
I'm official now - got my Chinese dog license cards.  Could the dogs on the cards be any more annoying?  They look sooo fake.  Bows?  Really?  Makes me want to growl.

I'm gonna show people what a real dog is like.  I should go around Shanghai and strut my full doggy-ness.  Let it flow, right?

 If I can only figure out how to ride a bike...

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