Thursday, January 2, 2014

Things I saw this week in Shanghai

This is a bronze statue by the entrance of the Ritz-Carlton at Shanghai Centre.  It struck me as perfect.  The old Chinese fisherman next to the man texting on his phone.

This is a scene played out daily on the street right by our house.  In the morning, a truck comes and drops off all these parcels for delivery at this roadside "sorting station".  Then a worker groups the boxes and packages to be picked up by different scooter drivers.  The scooter drivers load up and make their rounds.  This is how most on-line purchases are delivered in China.  Sometimes there is someone who stays with the packages, but often there is no one.  But no one seems to worry about it.

We went to the local flower market just before Christmas.  This market is (4) floors and is still not the largest in Shanghai.  We bought plants and flowers, and now I miss my backyard garden even more.

 I see this a lot in Shanghai.  Glass chards on the tops of walls and roofs.  I am sure this is a poor man's version of barbed wire (which I see a lot too), but it seems so, so, brutal.

Skittles nunchucks.  Yes - the girls did get them in their Christmas stockings.  Santa believes in protection and fruity candy.

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