Thursday, January 2, 2014

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What's up China with your animals?
So there are parks here that don't allow people to walk dogs, but allow them to bring birds in cages?  Whatda?  So men gather with their birds in the early morning, they talk and drink tea.  The birds sing to each other and get fresh air.  Y'know what's the only thing their missing?  Dogs!  Iknowright.

They hang all their bird cages from the trees and just let them have a good ol' time.  The birds have these hand-made bamboo cages and painted porcelain drinking bowls and food dishes.  I don't get it.  China is the only place people walk their birds but eat their dogs.  It's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Then there's this poor guy.  Fished out of river with a net by these scary looking guys.  They're either going to try to sell the turtle, or they're trying to figure out a way to divide him so they can each take some home.  Either way I can't watch.  Dude, your doomed.

Lastly, this is the stuff that gets my tail spinning.
He's all scruffy, and he's wearing an outfit.  It's a wannabe Paul Frank hoodie and it even has a pouch with a zipper sewn in.  Is that so he can carry his owners wallet?  His own poop bag?  Have some doggie pride! For shame.

must relax.  much too tense. 

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