Wednesday, July 31, 2013

US trip - part II

So much of what we missed from the US was the food.  We all made a list of things we wanted to eat while we were back home.  Some we got to, some we didn't. Sorry Pastrami - catch ya' next time.
     Yes, the girls were able to have Taco Bell, french fries and fried chicken at the mall and chili-cheese dogs.  I was able to satisfy my steak craving at Houston's.  We all had a great breakfast at Russell's and enjoyed several plates of bacon.  ahhh...bacon-ny.
     My last few days, I went to all the quintessential Pasadena places:
Parkway Grill for dinner.  Vromanns for books.  Europane for pastry and coffee.

biscuits, gravy & sausage
spicy & cheesy curly fries
best. chicken. ever.
craving satisfied

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