Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dinner with Katie

A few weeks ago, I had a special day with just me and my Katie.  Emily was staying at a friend's house and Chris was working late.  Katie and I did some shopping, ran errands and had dinner "just the two of us" at Cantina Agave.  It was nice to have her all to myself.  

We talked and laughed and let things slow down for a little while.  I have to remind myself that the kids' "China Experience" is all their own - and separate from mine.  They maneuver their world (school, friends, family) the best they can.  They have less control, but are naturally more open.  They also need a break sometimes.  

I asked the girls if they wanted to sign-up for any summer activities or camps, but they weren't interested.  It was around the end of school, and I think they were just tired.  They want to hang-out, swim, shop for the next few weeks before we head back to California.  I like that idea too. 

Katie's dinner

my dinner

our drinks

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