Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Sunday Brunch

I love going to brunch.  I love looking at all the food stations.  I love having Champagne.  I love everything about it.

Last Sunday, we had brunch at Le Royal Meridien.  The hotel is on the top floor of the Brilliance Shimao International Plaza, in the center of the pedestrian area of Nanjing Road by People's Square.  More than half the diners were Western, the rest Chinese.  Like many of the big hotel brunches, there were food stations for sushi, carved meats, dim sum, seafood, etc.  But since the Meridien is a european hotel group, there were also food stations for charcuterie, caviar and foie gras.  There was a fantastic Indian-Malaysian food station with curries, laksa and tandoori meats as well.

The restaurant had a BBQ & smoker just outside on the patio - we could see it from our table.  Different chefs walked the room serving skewers of meat, chicken wings and sausages.  Also BBQ oysters with shallots - very awesome!

Weirdly out of place, there were a couple of girls in slutty-nurse uniforms that pushed a cart with toy syringes of drink-shots, and oddly, thermoses of soup(?).  This is not TGIFridays!  Kinda awkward at an upscale brunch like this.

There was a magician, named Calvin, who went from table-to-table entertaining with sleight of hand tricks. He did a few tricks with the girls, and they loved it.  

whole roasted salmon
hot dogs, sliders
foie gras ready to sear
so much chocolate goodness
just checkin' it out

American-style breakfast
cotton candy for lunch? you betcha

Calvin & assistants
did not expect that
pink bib... that's supposed to make it alright?
caviar, foie gras, dim sum
C & K

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