Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring in Shanghai

Yesterday was the warmest day we've experienced in months, and it was a good day to be outside.

   Emily was staying over a friend's house so Chris took Katie to Century Park.  Century Park is the center of the Pudong area where we live.  It's a huge park with a lake, boats to rent, trails, topiary garden, etc.  They rode a pedal car(?) and later went out to lunch.

     The trees here in Seasons Villas, and I'm sure all over Shanghai, seemed to bloom overnight.  It was really beautiful taking a walk around our complex yesterday.  There is a walking path through Seasons that goes from our street to the pond at the clubhouse.  The air was clean and the sky was blue.  Buddy seemed to enjoy it too.


  1. i like what yo wrote about

    i love the pic of buddy

    1. thanks Katie! I love you sweetie!