Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random things from this week…

Whenever I am at the Kerry Center or Super Brand Mall, I see a Happy Lemon shop.  There is always a line, and all the tables and chairs are always taken.  So finally, I go and order a drink.  I had the "Special Lemon Cooler".  It is made when you order, similar to a Jamba Juice.  But the lemonade is made with bits of lemon zest and Kalamansi lime.  These are small, firm limes the size of a walnut, native to the Philippines and parts of Southeast Asia.  It was fantastic!  And only 7rmb - equal to $1.12.  I will definitely take the girls next time.

Twice a week I walk to my Mandarin class, and last week I had to stop and take this photo.  The fire hydrant is on Huamu Road, across from the Kerry Center in Pudong.  "Quick, there's a fire, let's attach the hose to…er.,.   oh, …nevermind."

A few weeks ago, we went to a mall in the Jinqiao area called LifeHub.  Jinqiao means "Golden Bridge" and many expats live there.  We went to the bowling alley, and both girls were able to bowl for the first time.

Both Emily and Katie are doing great, they are thriving at school.  Emily is in the upcoming SCIS Variety show along with 6 of her friends.  Katie received an award for exceptional behavior.  Chris has been working very, very hard.  He splits his workdays - half at the Disney offices in the Kerry Center, and half on the job site.  I am trying to keep my "China moments" aka freak outs, etc., to the minimum.

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