Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow and stuff in Shanghai

do I look cold or what
It snowed steadily all day Thursday.  
It was really beautiful, and really cold.  It didn't snow enough to cover the ground, just the lawns and the trees, but melted on the sidewalks.  It may be the last snow we have this year.  I told the girls not to eat the ice because the air quality here is so poor, and the snow is very dirty.  But the girls had a great time making snow balls and throwing them at each other.

Mercedes Benz ice rink

Chris took Katie & Emily on a "father-daughter" day along with several other dads and daughters from Seasons Villas complex.  They went ice skating at the Mercedes Benz arena.  It was the first time skating for both girls and they loved it!  They're already planning to go again this week.

Chris played his drums at the Disney Shanghai party.  The party was a really big deal especially for all the Chinese employees.  It was their opportunity to celebrate with their coworkers.  There was a banquet and each department put on skits / shows.  I guess this is a very Chinese custom - for large, successful companies to host extravagant parties for the new year.  Some offices even hired choreographers to help them and had many practice sessions.  If the party is appears "cheap", the employees will talk about it.   The night of the party, Chris said there were about 500 people in the hall, and all the lighting, sound mixing, etc. were very professional.  

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