Sunday, February 10, 2013

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Even with snow on me, I rock
I can still smell through the snow
      Ok, so,…I hear it's snowing.  I been around, but I've never been around this before.  It's cool., er,..cold…but I can handle this.  But when a dog goes out to do his business, there should not be steam rising from the spot he just did his business…jus' sayin'.  Thought I was on fire or somethin'.
MomLucy thinks it's so fun to take me out and let snow cover my head.  I think you have a brand new coat missy, and I have the same old one.
      The big news is that the little black poodle (aka her highness), has moved out!  No one to try and tell me what's what, no one to bark at, no one to….to….aw, I miss her already.  But don't tell Lucy's puppies that - they've been going to the pet store again.  They'll want to bring home some little, furry, annoying dog-creature.  Having another dog next door is one thing, but not in the same house.  Oh No…

Katie's favorite is a freakin' ewok
Can't believe this is Emily's favorite!
Did this dog just fall in the water or what - shame

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