Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Why do people here insist on treating dogs like..,er,..dogs?  I am part of the family!

Things I will never do:
1.  Wear shoes
2.  Color my hair - have some pride, please..
3.  Beg for anything - pizza does not count
4.  Wear anything called an "outfit"

Things I will always do:
1.  Eat all my food in one gulp
2.  Drool water from my bowl
3.  Bark at the mailman - my job
4.  Smell everything
Shoes and standing?
this is abuse
I had to go to the vet the other day.  She who is called "Mom" thinks I might have a bladder infection.  Don't ask me where I got it.  Heh, heh.  So I been pee-ing a lot - what's the problem?  Just making my mark if you know what I mean.  But it's a drag that I have to go outside to pee in the mud - it's been raining a lot lately.  I like the paw art I make when I come back in though - I didn't realize I was so artistic - hidden talents rise to the surface.
      Anyway, going to the Vet is the worst.  First they had to take my temperature - that is just messed up.  If you knew where they took it, you would shake your head with pity.  They had to hold me down for that one.  Don't like being violated, no sir, dog.
      There is a pet store next to the Vet that "Mom's" puppies Emily and Katie hung out in.  There were dogs there for the girls to pet.  These Chinese dogs have no pride.  Lots of begging, and yipping and generally doing anything to get the girls' attention.  Shameful.
      Now these girls are asking for a new dog!  What's up with dat!  Imma gonna put my paw down, and say NO more.  The one that smells like pencil led and toothpaste, Emily is going on and on about how they are cute, and cuddly.  What am I - fog?  Does she think I'm not listening?  Then the one that smells like candy and peanut butter, Katie even said she wanted a kitten!  A KITTEN!  Revolting.
       This is a one pet family.  It could get ugly.  Grrr.

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