Sunday, September 16, 2012

IKEA in Shanghai

Sunday morning we went to IKEA.  IKEA is one of the fastest growing companies in China.  The Chinese mostly live in small, cramped apartments so all the space-saving and organizing tools seem to be a big hit.  Besides, most of the items are made here anyway.  I think it might even be less expensive than in the US.
We spent the equivalent of $160.00 and came home with tons of items for the house.  There was also soft serve ice cream for 1rmb each - I think this is about 16cents.  We had lunch in the cafeteria.  Yes, they had swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes, but we also had beef stew with rice, and there were stir-fried mushrooms in oyster sauce, and fantastic BBQ chicken wings.

I was told by Vivian (our relocation specialist with APP) that weekends at IKEA were very, very crowded.  And that you would see people using the IKEA showrooms as places to spend the day.  She was right on both counts.  The beds were mostly all un-made because people had been in and out of the covers.  Kids playing in the kids room displays, and people laying down on couches.  I've seen some of this in the US, but it's usually just to "check-it-out" not to camp out.  Vivian told me it's worse on days that are very hot and people will stay at IKEA for the day.

Just like home... 

Moving in

Wonder if they buy anything?

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