Friday, September 14, 2012

Buddy's blog.....

What's up canine compadres?

I've been hanging with my humans, the Lambs.  They're cool.  But they put me in a big crate and sent me on a long trip in a plane.  Burn.  Hated it.

Now I'm expected to pee in a new area that has barely been marked - I gotta get on that.  Lots of awesome new smells though.  One of my humans, the one they call "mom" keeps telling me to settle down - I am settling crazee lady - she just don't know what I been through.

So I heard that I am in China - where the hecka is that.  Now I'm seriously gonna lose my mind.  The little black poodle next door even told me that they eat dogs here.  She can't be right - I mean that's cannibalism - she's just a dumb foreigner.  She smells like cat anyway.

What's a dog to do?  Just keep smiling, wagging, and will make my move when no one is looking.....

Hot Dog

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