Monday, April 28, 2014

Things seen on the street in Shanghai

Right around the Lunar New Year, people sell rabbits on the street.  There are Chinese folk tales about rabbits, and they are given as pets around this time.  I also saw a man selling puppies on the street.  This Samoyad puppy looks like my old dog Ginger!  If the animals are not sold as pets, I wonder if they are sold as food.  Hard to think about.

DVDs and CDs are sold on the street for nothing.  Movies come out here about 2 or 3 weeks after they are released in the US theaters.  Usually costing about 10rmb which is $1.60.  Sidewalk vendors sell skateboards, clothes, blankets, toys and hair accessories.  Love having the fresh flowers for sale.  A bunch of flowers or small potted plant is about 20rmb or $3.00.

I've seen a few of these.  Sidewalk take-out.  Usually pre-cooked meats and tofu.  A person can pull up on their motorcycle or scooter, get a bag of chicken feet and pay through the window.  All without having to park and lock your bike.  Really convenient, like drive-through back home.

 Okay,..I could do a whole blog post about the tape used to repair motor bikes here.  Duct tape, packing tape, police line tape.  The tape business is really where people should be investing money here.

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