Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lantern Festival & City God Temple

Last week was the Lantern Festival.  The Lantern Festival is on the fifteenth day after the start of the lunar new year.  It represents the beginning of Spring and longer days to come.  People can go out in the evenings with only lanterns to light their way.  Also, lighting a lantern signifies a new start for a new year.  Red lanterns mean good fortune and prosperity.
     I was walking in the Nanching Road area by City God Temple, a very popular area for locals and tourists.  This area is full of historic buildings as well as shops, restaurants and street vendors.  The inner square is decorated with Chinese folk characters as well as elaborate lanterns.

But everywhere you go, there are signs of modern Shanghai...

Starbucks is crowded
Starbucks sign in Mandarin

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