Thursday, November 29, 2012

Buddy's blog - vacation

They went to Hong Kong for a few days and I had a much needed break.  Got to hang out with some of my own kind.  Don't get me wrong, my Lambs are cool and all, but sometimes a dog's gotta be with his homies.  I had to get back to my roots.  Went to a place in Shanghai called "Buddydog Pet Care" - awesome how it was named after me!  Met a coupla other canines, smelled a little, walked a little, it's all good.  The humans there even sent e-mails to my family so they wouldn't worry - that Mom lady gets all wound up.  She needs to chill-ax and take a deep sniff.  

Here are some pictures of me, looks good, eh?
That man in the picture took us for walks everyday, but I couldn't understand anything he said.  
He must've been speaking Sharpei!...get it, Sharpei?!'s a Chinese dog.....whateveh.  grrr.

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