Saturday, August 11, 2012

First blog entry from Shanghai...

Quick primer on Shanghai:
The city has 23,000,000 residents, more than some small countries.  Los Angeles County is about 10,000,000.  The city is divided into two sides, separated by the Huangpu river.  The Puxi side is literally the west bank, and the Pudong side is literally the east bank.  The Puxi side is "old" Shanghai, alot of historical sights, the French Concession area, and very crowded with a lot of night life and shopping.  The Pudong side was developed as the international finance and technology center of Shanghai.  This side of Shanghai has been compared to Irvine, but I think it is closer to Century City.  The streets, infrastructure, housing has been thoughtfully planned.  There is an effort to make the area "family friendly" with lots of green spaces, trees, river walks, etc.  This is the side we are living in, and is where Chris' office is located.  

The Lamb family is slowly getting adjusted to living in Shanghai, but we are still taking it one step at a time.  We are all fine and healthy, and staying safe.
We are still living at Citadine service apartments, but hope to be in our regular townhouse at Seasons Villas on the 20th.  Really could not be too soon for me.  I really want a regular kitchen to cook normal meals.  The kids have been making do, but we all miss having some of our regular routines.  Chris started back to work last Monday.   Right now, he has to take a taxi to work and back, but when we move to Seasons, he can walk.  The Kerry Center is a block away, and Disney's offices are housed there for the first year.
We have been in China for almost two weeks now.  It's amazing how quickly we have adapted to some things.  The road traffic is crazy.  Not as congested on this side of the river, but still we always have to be on high alert when crossing streets.  The "stop" and "go" signs are more of a suggestion, than a rule.    I am walking the streets like a pro these days.  That probably didn't sound right.

Yesterday we went to the Super Brand Mall.  Really huge, like 10 stories.  We went to Tom's World arcade and had ramen for lunch.  It was Emily's birthday.  Katie and her Dad gave Emily a 5000 piece puzzle for a gift.  Then Emily and I came home, and Chris and Katie stayed to go to the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower.  They had to wait almost 1 hour in line, but got all the way to the top.

Things I saw this week in Shanghai:

  1. Sally Hansen nail polish remover at Carrefore.  $9.34, and it was the only one, no Chinese brand available for less - bought it.
  2. A child age round 2yrs, taking a poop on the side walk. His mother had a square of newspaper under his booty, and he squatted and took care of business.  They were probably walking to the store and he had to go.  
  3. Woman wearing extra round dark tinted contact lenses - this makes her look like an anime character.
  4. Men playing cricket in traditional whites on the lawn at the Dulwich school - this is the European international school for expat kids.

I will try and take some video this week, as well as more pictures.  Please comment and let us know how things are back home.  We miss everyone and hope everyone is doing well!

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